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There are many way to keep in touch with Lebara:

25 Copthall Avenue, London, EC2R 7BP, UK

Calling Customer Service within the UK
From a Lebara Mobile: 5588
From a Landline: 0870 075 5588

Emailing Customer Service

Contacting Lebara for General Enquiries
Tel: +44 (0) 203 036 3000


Media Enquiries
Email: or

Brand Sponsorship Enquiries

MNO & Business Partnership Enquiries

Carrier Partnership Enquiries

Fraud Alert

Fraudulent companies are falsely claiming to be Lebara or to represent Lebara. These companies have no connection with Lebara. Individuals targeted should not reply or provide personal details. Our advice is to simply ignore these requests but if you have any queries or concerns, please contact Lebara via If you have been contacted by any of the following scams, please ignore them.

Emails purporting to be from Pay Pal about Lebara payments
These emails include a link and ask recipients to enter Pay Pal password information if they dispute the payments.

SMS advising that the recipient has won a Lebara prize of £2,000 or other amounts
These SMS advise the recipient to call a number or reply to the text leaving their name, address and bank account details so the payment can be transferred.

Phone call from someone saying they’re from Lebara and you’ve won a prize (as above)
They ask for name, address and bank account details in order to transfer the £2,000 (or other amount).

Modelling agencies claiming to represent Lebara
These agencies have been targeting members of the general public (frequently on dating or modelling sites) via email with a model agency scam. Amongst others, they are offering an opportunity to be the face of a Lebara billboard advertising campaign, requesting photography to be used in these advertisements. They are not legitimate businesses, and you should not respond.


Lebara Group contacts

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