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When we care for each other, our customers feel it too

At Lebara, we are driven by a purpose - to care for the migrant community globally. We strive to achieve this through a mindset of collaboration and innovation.

The values that shape our behaviours at Lebara: 


Feel the Customer
We believe in always putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. It matters that we care for our customers and fully understand their needs. 


Think Excellence
We believe in going above and beyond expectations and delivering the best quality service for our customers and each other. 


Do the Right Thing
We believe in looking after the wellbeing of each other. It matters to us that we always respect each other, our partners and our customers. 


Lead, Together
We believe in working as one team with a spirit of collaboration and innovation so we always lead in the market. 

​Since the beginning, Lebara has been built on honesty, principles and a desire to give back to our community. And whatever happens, we always deliver what we promise to our customers.