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IFRC Education Project, Morocco

A school drop-out rate of 38% amongst children over-10 in Morocco is one of the highest in the Arabic countries, with 67% of the rural population and 33% of those in urban areas illiterate. This lack of skills is estimated to be costing the country the opportunity to grow economically by as much as 1%.

Low household incomes, poor health, family dysfunction and early marriage all play their part; as does a failing education system with a lack of resources and demotivated staff.

With the support of a €100,000 donation from the Lebara Foundation, the Moroccan Red Cross is aiming to reduce the overall literacy rate to 20% and that of the workforce to 10%, through a national strategy promoting education to thousands of young people.

Under the banner ‘Reading & writing, a necessity’, the project will aim to reduce school drop-out rates by providing literacy courses, supporting canteens, improving sanitation facilities and providing bicycles for those children needing transport to school. Support including treatment and the provision of spectacles will be offered to visually impaired students.

Crucially, youths will be made ‘agents of change’, trained to pass on what they have learnt in school, creating an ongoing cascade effect that will continue for years to come.

IFRC Education Project, Morocco