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26 February 2007

Lebara Mobile Switzerland Launch

Lebara Mobile – slashes the cost of international mobile calling from Switzerland
Starting today, February 26th 2007, Lebara Mobile is announcing its launch into the Swiss market. Lebara Mobile is now offering an easy-to-use, pre-paid mobile service to Swiss customers who call abroad regularly. Lebara Mobile’s international rates start from only 19 Swiss cents per minute, with very low cost calls to all international destinations
Around 1.5 million people of foreign parentage live in Switzerland, making up about 20% of the population. In the past, these customers have been forced to accept extremely high calling rates to keep in touch with their family and friends abroad. The new offering from Lebara Mobile is a prepaid mobile SIM card that makes direct international mobile phone calls very affordable, enabling customers to save between 50% and 90% on international calls to fixed line and mobile phones, compared with other providers.
Giuseppe Bonina, Lebara Mobile Country Manger Switzerland commented, “We are the first company in Switzerland really addressing the needs of customers who want to make low cost international calls from their mobile.”
Phone calls with Lebara Mobile to fixed lines in Western European are only 19 Swiss cents per minute and calls to mobile phones in these countries are just 39 Swiss cents per minute, with most other providers demanding around 1 Swiss franc. Comparisons with other countries show even higher gaps (e.g. Bosnia – 39 cents to both fixed lines and mobile networks; Turkey - 29 Swiss cents to fixed lines and 39 Swiss cents to mobile phones; Sri Lanka - 29 Swiss cents to both fixed lines and mobile networks; Thailand -19 Swiss cents to fixed lines and 25 Swiss cents to mobile networks). Lebara Mobile customers call direct from their mobile, with no access codes or PIN numbers to key in. All national calls are carried over the Sunrise network - a full list of the Lebara Mobile national and international rates are listed on www.lebara-mobile.ch.
Switzerland is the seventh country to receive Lebara Mobile services, the others being: Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Spain. The Lebara Mobile SIM card works with all mobile handset types (Lebara Mobile customers simply use their existing mobile phones). The service supports all standard mobile services such as voice mail and international roaming, is easy to use with web based account information and administration, and is well supported by a customer services team. The SIM card is priced at 15 Swiss francs and includes 10 Swiss francs of call credit (5 Swiss francs are preloaded and customers can redeem an additional 5 Swiss francs by completing a simple form, either online or by post). Lebara Mobile products are available in selected distribution channels including calling shops, where many customers go to make international calls. Lebara Mobile will also establish a number of wider distribution partnerships, to make their products available throughout Switzerland.
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Lebara Mobile
With operations in seven European countries, Lebara Mobile was founded in 2001, as part of the Lebara Group. Lebara Mobile has around 500,000 customers and has an annualized turnover of over €100 million. Lebara Mobile’s aim is to help bring friends, families and colleagues closer together using innovative mobile technologies, tailored to the needs of their customers. In 2006, the Lebara Group was ranked as the 4th fastest growing private company in Britain in the Sunday Times / Fast Track 100 listing.
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Lebara BV | Entrada 111 | 1096 EA Amsterdam | Holland | company reg: 34298812