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Lebara Scholarship Programme

Schooling is highly valued in Sri Lanka, but the effects of three decades of conflict continues to deny children their right to a proper education, especially in north-eastern regions.

Not only was the schools infrastructure devastated, but many children are so traumatised by the loss of loved ones to war they are unable to reach their full potential as students.

And then there are thousands of teenage drop-outs whose carers – often grandparents – simply cannot afford to send them to school.

The Lebara Foundation wants to stop these young people from becoming Sri Lanka’s lost generation, by offering four-year scholarships to 500 children aged between 14-18.

Lebara’s €49,000 scholarships project – run in partnership with the Italian agency Oblati Di Maria Immacolata – is paying for tuition, books, stationary and all educational programmes.

Lebara Scholarship Programme