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18 November 2015

Lebara® expands high quality, low-cost mobile services to US market with launch of Lebara Talk™

Lebara Talk: Low cost international calls and convenient cash fill up

NEW YORK – November 18 2015 – Lebara, the universal brand for the world’s migrant community, is expanding its mobile services into the US market with the launch of Lebara Talk. Convenience is at the core of the free-to-download voice and messaging app, with cash fill up a key feature. By offering cash fill up at local stores, Lebara is rapidly scaling its personal approach, while also offering the option to add credit online or in-app.

Available for smartphones on Android and iOS, Lebara Talk is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Indonesian and Arabic, with $1 complimentary credit on download for every customer.

​Mr Yoganathan Ratheesan, Chairman & CEO of Lebara Group, said, “We believe that what brings us together is more powerful than what separates us. By removing barriers to entry and reducing complexity, we are building on our reputation as a provider of inclusive and accessible products and services, and addressing the everyday lifestyle challenges of migrants, wherever they may be.”

Key features of Lebara Talk are:

  • Convenience: Add credit in your local store with cash or card, as well as in-app or online 
  • Simplicity: Works across all networks with no need to switch SIM card
  • Transparency: Check rates before you make a call so you know what you’re spending on low cost international calls
  • Reliability: Experience a clear conversation with friends and relatives thanks to HD-quality calls over WiFi
  • Free conversations: Chat to other Lebara Talk app users at zero cost

On Lebara Talk’s unique attributes, Mr Yoganathan Ratheesan commented, “From experience we know that not everyone has access to a bank account, which is why we partner with local stores who provide a cash fill up option for Lebara Talk, making the app as universally accessible as possible.” 

Lebara is committed to meeting the needs of migrant communities and has established itself as a trusted, award-winning European brand, providing low cost, pay as you go mobile services to six million people. 

The free Lebara Talk app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, or visit Lebara.com/talk for more information.

Lebara Talk services are provided in the United States by LB Communications Inc., doing business as Lebara under a trademark license agreement. LB Communications Inc. is not an affiliate of Lebara Group.