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我们一直期待您加入我们的大家庭,与我们一同成长。这里有一些关于在 Lebara 公司工作的常见问题。如果对职位感兴趣,请进行勾选,查看职位信息!


  • 我应该如何申请工作呢?

    Please go to the careers section and search for a suitable jobs and apply. Good Luck!

  • 我可以申请多个职位吗?

    Yes, but please apply for one job at a time and ensure each one is a good match for you.

  • 在面试中我要注意些什么?

    We believe that the best indicator of future performance is past results. So you’ll be asked to provide examples from previous roles. As well as ‘what’ you do we are also looking for ‘how’ you do it.

  • 我可以通过邮寄申请吗?

    No, we only accept applications online. Free Internet access is available at public libraries and Job Centres.

  • 如果有些工作并没有登出来,而我又感兴趣该怎么办? 我可以以任何方式发送简历吗?

    Yes, you have three options:

    • 1. You can set up job alerts to be kept updated on new relevant roles.
    • 2. You can set up a candidate profile which will allow us to search for you on our database.
    • 3. You can submit a general application.
  • 我如何才能知道贵司收到了我的申请表呢?

    We’ll send you an automated response saying we’ve got your application. If you set up a candidate profile you can also go in and check your application status there.

  • 我已经上传了简历但是却收到了错误信息。我应该怎么做?

  • 我忘记了密码,如何找回?

    Go to your candidate profile page and request for it to be sent again to your email.

  • 我如何更新个人信息?

    Visit your personal candidate home page to view and update your personal data. You can also view the status for any current applications.

  • 如果我没有应聘成功,贵司会告诉我这一情况吗?

    Yes, once we have completed the interviewing process and made a decision we will update you whether you are successful or not.

  • 如果我没有应聘成功,我可以申请 Lebara 的其他工作吗?

    Yes, but please think carefully about what to apply for and make sure the job matches your skills and experience.

  • 您们有直接签订合同的工作吗?

    Yes, each job will indicate if they are permanent or contract.

  • 有工作经验要求吗?

    If we are looking for interns for work experience we will advertise these placements on the careers site.

  • 可以兼职吗?

    Yes, all jobs indicate if they are part time, full time or job share.

  • 如果我没有在英国工作的有效许可证怎么办?

    We can only consider your application if you have a full and valid permit to work in the UK.

  • 招聘过程需要进行多久?

    We are very careful about our recruitment process and so we’ll take the appropriate time to make the right decision to ensure you’re the right fit for us and we’re also the right fit for you.