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Lebara Child Development Programme

The Lebara Foundation is improving both the quality of life and also the future prospects of thousands of children in India through its extensive child development programme.

These projects in Tamil Nadu state in south-east India – in Chennai, Trichy and Coimbatore districts – currently support about 12,000 children.

The projects are tied to 32 refugee camps and four slums, and cost a total of 15.1 million rupees (€230,000) to run.

The programmes target the most vulnerable children, many of whom live in Tamil Nadu refugee camps for Sri Lankans who have been displaced by three decades of armed conflict in their country. Many others live in appalling poverty in slum areas.

The programme provides scholarships for school-going children who might otherwise drop out, career skills training, supplementary nutrition and health programmes, as well as psychological support for the many children traumatised by war.


Lebara Child Development Programme, India