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UNHCR Education Project, Pakistan

The floods of 2010 left more than one million young Afghans displaced in refugee villages across Pakistan. Education is key to enhancing their prospects, but school enrolment rates are low and drop-out rates are high, with less than 30% completing Grade 6 and just 8% reaching secondary stage.

More than 44% of Afghan refugees in education in Pakistan are in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) schools, aiming to provide safe and high-quality teaching, delivered by a consistent team of staff.

With the support of a €100,000 donation from the Lebara Foundation, the UNHCR in Pakistan has extended its remit to provide free primary education to a further 77,000 Afghan children, in 174 schools, across 81 refugee villages. As well as crucial literacy and numeracy skills, vocational courses are also equipping this vulnerable group for the future.

Maintaining a consistent group of staff is vital to sustaining school attendance rates, and through a formalised training programme the 174 schools now count 1,240 staff across their payrolls. School Management Committees (SMCs) have also being established, charged with monitoring standards and attendance and enrolment rates.

This vital work is opening up access to tens of thousands of young Afghans displaced in Pakistan, vastly improving their future prospects and outlook.

UNHCR Education Project, Pakistan