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Sunitha e il suo bimbo di quattro anni vivevano con i genitori di lei, da cui dipendevano anche economicamente dopo la morte del marito.

Since October 2008, they were displaced several times and after moving around for several months, they finally ended up in Kathirkamar Welfare Centre at Cheddikulam, Sri Lanka in April 2009.

In May 2010 Sunitha and her family were able to return to their home in Paranthan, which had turned into a jungle during their time away. They worked hard to transform it back into land suitable for arable farming. During this time, the NGO World Vision provided Sunitha and her son temporary housing.

The Lebara Foundation became aware of Sunitha’s story and built her a permanent house where she is now able to bring up her son, who is going to a nursery school run by the Holy Cross nuns. She is now making her own living as a tailor, so is no longer dependent on her parents.

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